3 min readMar 13, 2023

We’re happy to announce our Share to Earn program for the WhiteLabel DEx and FibPal products. Community members can earn up to $1,000 and help the project grow.

This is how it works:

Anyone that puts us in touch with a contact at a project that integrates either our WhiteLabel DEx or FibPal NFT Payment System will be awarded a referral fee after the first month based on that project’s volume.

Volume — “Earn” Amount

10k = $50

25k = $100

50k = $250

100k = $500

250k = $750

500k = $1,000

We will also offer a free small giveaway each month to that project’s community to help promote our name and products. If you’re in a project that you think might be interested in providing cross-chain services for their community, talk to them and let them know we’d love to connect with them.

So, what are some of the benefits you can discuss with them?

Both the DEx and Fibpal are basically a widget that can can be integrated very easily. If a project chooses to use their own logo on them, they are free to do so. We offer free tech support for the devs to install and ongoing support for any questions or issues in the future via Discord.

WhiteLabel Dex- Direct token to token swaps on thousands of pairs with super fast transaction speeds. Typically 15–20 seconds to complete. No locking or minting shenanigans with synthetic tokens on the remote chain. We are a true cross-chain swap. Gas fees are paid in the originating chain. This is a great feature, because it removes the need for traditional faucets. Transactions are initiated and completed with a single click (minus wallet authorizations) and we never touch users funds. Completely decentralized with no third party. The user’s wallet and smart contracts are completing all the tasks, making FibSwap protocol a truly Trustless Bridge.

FibPal — NFT’s are minted on specific chains. Today, for example, a user cannot purchase a Polygon NFT with a Bep20 token. FibPal solves this issue by using FibSwap DEx protocol on the backend. If an NFT marketplace is only chain specific, or if they are an aggregator that has NFT’s from several chains — we can help. FibPal can be a very convenient tool for their customers, as well as being a real sales booster for the marketplace themselves. When a user selects and NFT to purchase, they then go to that marketplace’s checkout system. Their normal checkout box will appear. The FibPal widget can be added as a secondary choice of payment.

The same transaction speed and gas being paid only in the originating chain are features of FibPal also.

In an effort to really push these products, we’re offering both for free. We want to encourage mass adoption and this is a great value-add service any project can offer their community with no cost to them and brings us all closer to an interoperable world.

If you have a contact that you’ve already spoken to and they’ve expressed an interest, please DM a FibSwap team member and we’ll be happy to speak to them.


FibSwap — A New Type of DEX where you can swap and ERC20 token with a BEP20 Token with the click of a button.