FibSwap Burns 5% Of Total Supply

Why are we burning tokens?

Token burning is a deflationary mechanism that benefits the holders of the FibSwap token. It is an added incentive for investors to keep a hold of their tokens whilst the team works on the project in the background.

How many tokens will be burned?

We have burned a total of 500 million FIBO tokens from the total supply.

When will the next token burn take place?

We will update you when the next token burn is to take place. Please join our telegram group and announcement channel for more details

About FibSwap

FibSwap is an Interoperable Multi-chain Bridging System where holders of tokens can swap tokens from one chain to tokens on another chain. This is done with the click of a button and will greatly enhance the DeFi space by allowing multiple chains to cross swap their tokens.

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FibSwap — A New Type of DEX where you can swap and ERC20 token with a BEP20 Token with the click of a button.