Fibswap DEX Revolutionizes The Crypto World

The crypto market has been highly volatile in recent times, which raised doubt about the future of cryptocurrency in the mind of crypto users. A bull cycle that started with the pandemic ended after 2 years with few setbacks or threats, as billions of coins were either wiped off or hacked. The stable coins were not spared and were exposed to vulnerabilities of all kinds.

Although the crypto market witnessed a great start in 2020, it eventually started losing the confidence of crypto users as it failed to deliver cutting-edge technologies supporting everyday life. Most decentralized systems launched earlier are complicated for the general public to use. People looked for an interface that could simplify the process of trading crypto assets, with better accessibility, lesser barriers, and within a secured environment. FibSwap DEX fits it all!

About FibSwap DEX

This multi-chain, decentralized exchange was launched in late July of 2021 under healthy market conditions, with an ambitious vision to prepare for the future and focus on years to come. With cross-chain communication, this new type of dex enables users to move native assets from one blockchain to another without relying on a third party, thereby solving the interoperability issues, and giving a user-friendly transaction experience to the investors. FibSwap DEX charges the lowest fees, including the lowest fee swap aggregator in the market. On 4th January 2022, Fibswap released the world’s first decentralized exchange as a mobile application for Android and IOS users to protect customers’ funds and eliminate glitches if any by performing extensive testing.

World’s first DEX phone app: To make a Difference

DEXs’ complicated OS and difficult-to-understand UI/UX structure frequently resulted in accessibility problems. Fibswap DEX addressed this accessibility issue by introducing the world’s first Android and IOS mobile DEX application, allowing users to control their digital assets independently from their smartphones with better security. Moreover, these phone applications integrate with UI/UX to make token swapping from multiple chains easier. FibSwap DEX app, for the first time, enables multi-chain DEX for swaps, allowing users to earn profit from holding assets in different blockchains. Additionally, its multi-chain bridge connects all blockchains in one place, allowing users to swap tokens across 7 different blockchains. Undoubtedly, FibSwap DEX has successfully attracted a large group of traders and investors from across the world, by simplifying DeFi for its users.

Fibswap Dex: On the Verge of Becoming the Utility Leader

By connecting two blockchain networks through IMBS (Interoperable Multichain Bridge System) technology a unique system of FibSwap, it is now possible for the users to swap assets between multiple chains in a single go. This has not only lowered the transaction fee but has also expedited the transaction time compared to other cross-chain methods.

Today, FibSwap DEX allows traders to trade with native assets from their wallets, eliminating third-party intervention. Therefore, traders are no longer at risk of putting funds or making wrapping solutions with poor value and low compatibility.

Also, as a part of its goal to disrupt the crypto trading world by providing a tool for users to trade tokens across multiple chains, FibSwap has announced its partnership with Clover Finance to provide Fibswap’s DEX to over 100,000 wallets.

Another significant partnership Fibswap DEX announced is with award-winning crypto public relations and marketing firm Luna PR to handle the company’s PR and digital marketing. Using the true spirit of DeFi 2.0, Fibswap DEX is indeed building a new ecosystem. Soon it will revolutionize the NFT Payment system, allowing users to buy their choice of NFT with the currency they own using the upcoming V2 engine of FibSwap DEX. Right after this, a marketplace will follow to level the NFT adoption curve and offer 360-degree services, turning FIbSwap DEX into a utility leader.

How is DeFi 2.0 Assisting Fibswap Dex in Ushering in a New Era in Crypto?

DeFi 2.0 addresses issues that the previous version was unable to resolve. Several new technologies are developed using the DeFi DApps to overcome issues like network flaws and provide innovative solutions to scalability challenges and ecosystem integration. They are as follows:

Integrated wallet: DeFi 2.0 provides varieties of decentralized solutions, such as DeFi wallets. The Fibswap DEX phone app includes an integrated wallet, making switching easier for everyone. Furthermore, gaining access to crypto holdings is no longer a complex operation.

Fibpal, the new payment gateway: The company is preparing to launch a payment gateway for NFT marketplaces. With this gateway, traders will now be able to buy non-fungible tokens from any blockchain listed on the DEX with cryptocurrency. This gateway will broaden the range of payment options available to buyers who want to pay in different tokens.

Fibswap DEX is on its way to transforming the crypto world by making cross-chain swaps easier while preserving security and privacy for all investors and traders. There is no question that this developing DEX will provide more services to its users in near future.



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FibSwap — A New Type of DEX where you can swap and ERC20 token with a BEP20 Token with the click of a button.